Palfinger systems is a leading manufacturer offering a wide range of reliable marine cranes and working platforms for ship building/repair/maintenance and the offshore industry. The corporate philosophy is based on the continuous drive for product improvements and innovative systems.
  Palfinger offer innovative, efficient and custom-tailored options for a wide range of applications:  
– Foldable Knuckle Boom Range “PK”
– Stiff Boom Range “PSM”
– Telescopic Boom Range “PTM”
– Heavy Knuckle Boom Range “PKM”
  Some features:  
  • Power link system
    The Power link system results a constant lifting moment and brings maximum power to the hook even in unfavourable boom angles.

  • Return oil utilisation on PK-type cranes
    Return oil utilisation incorporated as standard in the extension system permits a 30% increase in working speed.

  • Winch
    Palfinger cable winches are available in many different performance classes and meet all the requirements demanded during operation from an efficient cable winch: optimal performance, high working speeds, proven safety equipment and a compact design.
  • Power Packs
    Hydraulic Power Packs are engineered to withstand harsh, hostile environments. Each unit is equipped with a fluid level indicator, thermometer and filler-breather filter. Features such as load sensing is standard from crane size 30 mt upwards. Standard three-phase electric motors ranging in size from 5.5 kW up to 2 x 55 kW are available in match customers specified voltage and frequency.
  • Palfinger systems remote control
    The Palfinger systems remote control system with digital data transmission offers maximum safety and convenience. It is available either as a cable remoter or radio remote control system. Optionally Palfinger can supply the system in explosion-proof execution suitable up to Zone I.

  • Endless slewing system
    Palfinger systems cranes are available with an endless slewing mechanism starting from as low as 31.5 mt. The inclusion as standard of a slewing ring represents the highest state of the art. As a result, the precision of the slewing movement is optimised and the low friction permits a high slewing moment.

  • Local control stand
    An optional protection cover gives maximum protection to the control valve against saltwater spray, ice damage and unauthorised operation. This may also save on time for installation of the control unit on board.

  • Standing platform
    On PK-type cranes Palfinger can offer a newly designed standing platform. The control valve as well as the overload cut-off system (optional) are completely covered. The additional protection bar inthe entrance section ensures greatest-possible safety.
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